Hotel companies to help China’s police?

22nd May 2014

Multinationals dodge questions on racist policy

Earlier this year, Free Tibet learned that hotels in Lhasa are required to notify the police within 10 minutes if Tibetans from certain politically-sensitive areas try to register as guests. The police can then run immediate checks and make arrests if they choose. The racist policy does not apply to Han Chinese guests from the same areas. In February, we contacted four multinational hotel companies running or planning to open hotels in Lhasa to ask whether they would comply with this policy – Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), Starwood, Wyndham and Shangri-La. None has given us a straight answer.

Tibet hotels and human rights abuse

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La has not replied to our letter and follow-up emails at all. US-based Wyndham responded two months after we first contacted them to say they would look into it. A month later we are still waiting for their reply. Starwood, based in the US, and IHG, from the UK, both avoided the question by referring to the requirement for hotels across China to register all guests with the police.Neither has yet responded to our letters clarifying the policy.

Tibetans killed in custody

One of the areas named in the document is central Tibet’s Driru county. Driru has been a focus of protest and repression for many months. In two separate incidents, two Tibetans from the county have been killed in police custody in the last six months. Hotels providing information to Lhasa police about Tibetans from Driru county could be sending them for imprisonment, torture or worse.

Take action

IHG is planning the biggest luxury hotel in Lhasa by far. Called the Lhasa Paradise, it sends the world a message that Lhasa is a paradise, not the oppressed capital city of an occupied nation. Tell IHG to pull the plug on their hotel now: join the boycott by clicking Take Action below.