China’s Tibetan Dystopia

You look out over the cold, grey, city of Chengdu.

All around, glass and concrete skyscrapers accent the horizon as car headlights criss-cross through the busy streets. Rain hammers down against the window – a flash of lightning momentarily illuminates the whole scene before you. Soon, this city will be host to the 2023 World Science Fiction Convention – Worldcon – but looming overhead there is something dark. Taller than the skyscrapers, maintaining a watchful, searching, suspicious, eye over the whole city: the Chinese Communist Party.

Nowhere is the piercing gaze of the CCP felt more keenly than in Tibet.

It has been over 70 years since China invaded and occupied Tibet, yet with each passing year the crackdown only gets worse. AI-enabled CCTV cameras watch from every corner, the Tibetan language is systematically erased from public life, and those who dare to resist are made to disappear into so-called ‘re-education’ centres.

Hope, however, remains strong.

The word "Hope" repeated in the shape of a Buddha statue, against a background of Tibetan flags at a protest.

Every day, risking arrest and torture, the Tibetan people stand up for their rights. For their right to be heard. Their right to be themselves. Their right to be Tibetan. 

In defiance of the Chinese government’s repressive laws, Tibetans bravely continue to leak news of their struggle to the wider world.

It is through their bravery that we know the CCP is waging a war against Tibetan Buddhism – demolishing religious monuments and symbols, kidnapping a vital religious figure, and laying plans to manipulate the Dalai Lama’s succession. It is through their bravery that we know internationally operating CCTV companies, like Hikvision, are complicit in this oppression. It is through their bravery that we know the names and stories of the thousands of Tibetans who are unjustly arrested on political grounds.

As human beings with a conscience, is it not our duty to share this news with the world? To tell the truth of what is happening in Tibet? To stand in solidarity with those facing crushing authoritarian power?


We are Free Tibet. 

We stand with Tibetans around the world. For their homeland, for their future and against China’s brutal occupation.

We keep the eyes of the world on the atrocities being committed in Tibet. We share evidence that makes them impossible to deny. We lead campaigns that make them impossible to ignore. And together, we will build a global movement that’s impossible to resist.

Join us, and together we will fight to ensure that Tibet will be free.

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Further Actions

Further Actions


Tibetan Buddhism has never faced a greater threat. Every day the Chinese government furthers its destruction of the religion that stands at the heart of Tibet’s unique culture.

Further Actions


Did you know that the UK government is funding Chinese-state surveillance? Take action and help us put a stop to this.

Further Actions


In defiance of the deeply held wishes of the Tibetan people, China's government intends to appoint its own candidate as the next Dalai Lama.

We are Free Tibet, and we stand with Tibetans around the world. For their homeland, for their future and against China’s brutal occupation.