Tea for Tibet

Tea for Tibet is a tea-riffic way to get involved. Put the kettle on, bake a cake, get some friends together and raise money for Free Tibet. It's really that simple.

Your Tea for Tibet can be intimate or elaborate. You can host it at home, at work, at university or at a local venue (e.g. a library). You could organise one with a Free Tibet local group, or open it up to the public. You could have a traditional tea party, serve up some Tibetan specialities or host it in a local pub and serve cocktails with your cupcakes. You could charge a fee for attending, or sell items seperately. The possibilites are endless and no contribution is too small.

The money you raise will support our vital campaining work. Unlike other larger organisations with tens of thousands of supporters, Free Tibet relies on support from far fewer people. Raising money through hosting a Tea for Tibet will contribute significantly to the work we do on a daily basis, and allow us to continue campaigning for a free Tibet.

Register your event

To register your Tea for Tibet and have a chat about how you can organise your event down to a tea call Josey on 0207 324 4614 or send her an email at josey@freetibet.org. You'll recieve a Tea for Tibet pack (including Free Tibet flyers, magazines, badges, and a flag).

Ingredients for your Tea Party

Tools for your Tea for Tibet

Downloadable tools for your event:


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Traditional Tibetan Recipes