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Planning Your Fundraiser

(I’ve got a great idea but don’t know where to start)

So you’ve decided that you would like to fundraise for Free Tibet but don’t know where to start. Whether it’s a quiz night, bake sale or you’re fundraising to reach a marathon target; below are some key considerations for planning your event.
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1) Choose something fun to do

If it’s the first time you are organising a fundraiser, keep it simple. Think of a fun idea and ask all of your friends to get involved. If you’re a pro at putting on events, you could be more adventurous. Free Tibet’s Fundraising Officer Crissy will be happy to talk through some ideas and give you advice and support.

2) Choose a date, time and set a fundraising goal

Having a clear date and time is key to advertising your event. You want people to have it in their diaries. Set a target of how much you want to raise – this not only provides you with an incentive to achieve but will also help you decide on other aspects of your fundraiser, e.g. how much you ‘charge’ for pub quiz tickets. If you are unsure of what a realistic target is, our fundraising team can help you decide.

3) Decide on the venue/location if you are organising an event

Before picking your venue, make sure you have considered all the important questions. Will it appeal to my audience? Is it accessible? What costs will I incur? Is it available for the particular date(s)?

4) Do you need any extra materials?

We can provide you with extra information, support & materials. Would you like educational flyers to hand out? A Free Tibet t-shirt to wear?

5) Start publicising

It is important that people know about the event, otherwise all the hard work you have put into organising will go to waste. If you’re inviting friends, use word of mouth, email and social media. If you’re trying to reach more people, you can put up posters, leave flyers in places (doctors’ surgeries, libraries etc.). Don’t go it alone! Think about your networks – how can people help? Where do they work? What connections do they have in the community?

6) Think about safety

Carrying a first aid kit, checking equipment and informing people of fire exits are important if you’re hiring a venue. There are various safety factors involved depending on the type of fundraiser you are running. These can be discussed with our Free Tibet Fundraiser.

7) Document your fundraiser

Keep a track of how your event is going. Take lots of photos for us to share on our website, on social media, and in our magazine.

8) Stay in touch with us along the way

Let us help you! We’ll be with you every step of the way. We are happy to chat with you about anything you want/need. We can advise you on legal issues, introduce you to other supporters, send you information, help with promotion and much more.

9) Paying in your donation

You can either pay in your money by making a one-off payment on our donate page, or download our Pay-in form here to send in your money via post

Pro tip: If you would like to use Just Giving or another fundraising platform to collect your donations you will need to do so via our research partner, Tibet Watch. Unlike Free Tibet, Tibet Watch is a registered charity that provides us with the vital information we need to run our campaigns and are based with us in our UK office.
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