Protect the truth about Tibet in schools

Hosting a dragon campaign
Hosting a dragon campaign

Urge your Education Minister to ensure our children are not exposed to China's propaganda.

China’s government has established a presence in junior and high schools throughout the world. Its Confucius Classroom programme gives schools on every continent, cash, teaching resources, Chinese citizens as teachers and even subsidised trips to China. In return for this generous support, every school must get the approval of China’s government for its Classroom’s activities.

The Classrooms are dedicated to spreading “understanding” of China. What the Chinese government wants the world to know about China does not include its human rights abuses and its crimes in Tibet. A Chinese official has clearly stated that the Confucius programme is part of Beijing's international propaganda.

China must not be allowed to capture the hearts and minds of impressionable young people, who deserve, and must hear, the truth about China and Tibet. 

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If you are not in the UK or have already contacted your minister, write directly to the head of the Confucius Institute in Beijing to demand that China keeps its propaganda out of schools.

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Learn more about the Confucius Classroom programme and the threat to Tibet. You can also view a map of all Confucius Classrooms in the UK - is there one near you?