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Landslide hits Tibetan village leaving seven dead

1st September 2017
Earlier this week a Tibetan village was struck by a landslide resulting in a number of fatalities.Read more

Tibetans brutally beaten by Drango County security forces

29th August 2017
Locals taking part in a peaceful prayer ritual hospitalised after random attack by Chinese security officialsRead more

China appoints Communist Party members to take control of Larung Gar

25th August 2017
Six CCP members were appointed this week in line with orders released by local authorities last summerRead more

Thousands of residents at Yarchen Gar ordered to tear down their own homes

24th August 2017
An eyewitness was able to confirm that the Chinese authorities have stepped up demolitions of homes at the Buddhist...Read more

Political prisoner Adruk Lopoe released after 10 years

22nd August 2017
Adruk Lopoe was arrested in 2007 for protesting against the detention of his uncle, Runggye AdakRead more

U.S. State Department highlights China’s “widespread interference” in Tibetan Buddhism

18th August 2017
State Department report shines light on China’s suppression of Tibetan Buddhism.Read more

Blog: Free Tibet hits the road

18th August 2017
Festival season is a busy time! We’ve been doing more festivals this year, as we build up to our 30th anniversary.Read more

Tibetan monk released after two years in prison

15th August 2017
Gomar Choepel was imprisoned in 2015 for possessing pictures of the Dalai Lama.Read more

Note left by Larung Gar nun confirms suicide

14th August 2017
Last year, three nuns committed suicide amid the destruction of Larung Gar Buddhist Institute at the hands of the...Read more

Tibetan man in Chamdo beaten and detained after being accused of contacting outside world

9th August 2017
Chinese authorities detained Jampa Choegyal for two days and beat himRead more

Monk imprisoned for self-immolation released after six years

1st August 2017
Lobsang Kalsang set himself alight in 2011. He was released from prison on Saturday 29 July.Read more

Dharamsala authorities identify self-immolator

31st July 2017
Passang Dhondup set himself on fire on Saturday; he died as a result of his protestRead more

Tibetan student dies following self-immolation protest

24th July 2017
Tenzin Choeying, who self-immolated on 14 July, succumbed to his injuries and died 8 days later On 22...Read more

Tibetan Flag Defiantly Displayed in Ngaba

18th July 2017
The flag was flown in protest during a cultural festival in Ngaba On 12 July, a Tibetan flag was hung...Read more

Resistance to Plans to ‘Re-brand’ Another Monastery Into Tourist Destination

17th July 2017
Monks and locals at Kumbum Monastery react to China’s latest plan to convert a monastery into a tourist...Read more

Tibetan Student sets self on fire in Sarnath, India

14th July 2017
Young student penned letter stating ‘I burn myself for Tibet’ before staging protest A 19...Read more

Tibetan Musician Kalsang Yarphel Released

11th July 2017
Kalsang Yarphel spent four years in prison for his politically themed music The Tibetan musician...Read more

UNESCO turns Tibetan land into World Heritage Site after controversial Chinese proposal

10th July 2017
On Friday, UNESCO added Kokoxili in Tibet to its World Heritage list, despite Tibetan objections...Read more

Blog: The Dalai Lama's Birthday

6th July 2017
Today we celebrate the Dalai Lama’s birthday, an activity that is banned in occupied Tibet.Read more

Monk Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

5th July 2017
Jamyang Lodru, 36, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Chinese authorities. The...Read more