Tibetan Educator Barred from Teaching

Chinese authorities are continuing to enforce a crackdown on Tibetan language teaching across Tibet.

In mid-March 2024, Chinese government authorities in Ngaba County, eastern Tibet, fired a Tibetan educator for teaching Tibetan language and History in Meruma Township.

Donyoe has taught at the Meruma Township’s primary school for the past 15 years, being widely respected by students and parents alike. It is reported that students and parents have expressed great disappointment at Donyoe’s dismissal, as he has been instrumental in teaching Tibetan language and history to the next generation.

Meruma Centre Township school is a Chinese government-run boarding school. Teaching was primarily conducted in Tibetan at the school until 2018, however this has since changed to be Chinese. The decision to switch from Tibetan to Chinese as the principal teaching language came as a result of national policy to promote a ‘national common language’. This policy has seen many schools across Tibet forced to teach in Chinese rather than Tibetan language.

As well as being fired from his post of 15 years, Donyoe has also been denied further teaching posts, effectively barring him from the teaching profession.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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