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Progress towards “national unity” praised at Tibetan county event

30th October 2020
Sangri County near Lhasa held its annual National Unity and Progress Model conference on 25 September.Read more

Monks and nuns at Larung Gar instructed to study the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum

23rd October 2020
Monks at two other monasteries have also had similar organized seminars.Read more

Chinese government organised “constitutional law and policy” training for monks and nuns

22nd October 2020
Tibetan Monks and nuns had training sessions on law and policy in the Dzoge region of eastern Tibet.Read more

Over a thousand Tibetans forcefully relocated

22nd October 2020
Tibetan villagers from 14 villages were forcefully relocated this month.Read more

Projection video calls upon the UK Government to hold China accountable

8th October 2020
The video was projected onto the UK Parliament building and the Tower of London.Read more

Young Tibetans learning Xi Jinping Thought for government jobs

8th October 2020
Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era has been heavily promoted by the CCP...Read more

Monks forced to learn the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum

7th October 2020
The CCP targets monks in their campaign for Party loyalty.Read more

Global Day of Action in pictures

6th October 2020
On 1 October 2020, Free Tibet staff and supporters joined other human rights activists outside the Chinese Embassy in...Read more

Lhasa undergoes air defence alarm test

25th September 2020
Free Tibet has received confirmation of a scheduled air defence alarm test in Lhasa.Read more

Report: over 500,000 Tibetans relocated, coerced into labour programme

25th September 2020
Report draws on over 100 government sources and concludes that hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have undergone forced...Read more

Air raid drill to be held in Lhasa during border tensions

18th September 2020
Lhasa is due to have a practice air raid drill on 18 September.Read more

Chinese authorities seize land in eastern Tibet

16th September 2020
Authorities have taken land in eastern Tibet and detained 80 people.Read more

Chinese government releases Tibetan political prisoner after eight years behind bars

11th September 2020
Phagpa Kyab released after eight years in prison for allegedly pouring petrol on Tibetan who self immolated.Read more

Xi Jinping calls for further sinicization of Tibet

10th September 2020
CCP leader set out plans for Tibet in high-level meeting.Read more

Two Tibetan nomads arrested following their resistance to land ownership confiscations

4th September 2020
Chinese authorities have been confiscating land ownership documents from Tibetan farmers and nomads.Read more

Chinese abuses in Tibet highlighted on billboards in Times Square and London

26th August 2020
Billboards organised by Free Tibet started running in New York and London on Monday 24 August.Read more

Chinese authorities detain owner of coal mine operating illegally in Tibet

20th August 2020
An open pit coal mine has been operating illegally in eastern Tibet.Read more

Chinese state-appointed Panchen Lama visits Lhasa

19th August 2020
The visit was carried out to emphasise official policy on patriotism and religion.Read more

No government aid sent to flooded Tibetan villages

19th August 2020
Houses, crops and livestock have been severely affected by the floods.Read more

China continues to intensify campaigns on “Ethnic Unity” in Lhasa

12th August 2020
Ethnic unity regulations have been brought into place since May this year.Read more