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UK government uses hundreds of Hikvision cameras against its own advice

17th November 2021
An investigation by Free Tibet has found that at least three UK government departments are using CCTV cameras made by...Read more

Tibetan school forcibly demolished by Chinese state

10th November 2021
The demolition of the Gaden Rabten Namgyaling School at Drago Monastery has left 130 young students without vital...Read more

80 Tibetan monks forcibly expelled from their monasteries

9th November 2021
Sources report that the expulsion of 80 teenage monks in Tibet is part of an ongoing campaign aiming to ensure that...Read more

Notable Tibetan writer imprisoned for Four years after a secret trial

9th November 2021
Lobsang Lhundup, known by his pen name Dhi Lhaden, was arbitrarily arrested in Chengdu City in June 2019.Read more

Tibetan writer held without trial for 11 months

9th November 2021
Gendun Lhundrup was arrested in December 2020. 11 months later, authorities have revealed nothing about his status.Read more

Remembering Riki Hyde-Chambers

1st November 2021
Lifelong Tibet ally and Free Tibet board member Riki Hyde-Chambers has passed away at the age of 77Read more

Tibetan political prisoner released after serving five-year sentence

30th October 2021
Gendun Dapaka was arbitrarily detained in 2015 on charges of 'inciting separatism'Read more

Arrests continue in Tibet as monk is detained on unknown charges

29th October 2021
Lobsang Choepel, 34, was arbitrarily detained in Ngaba earlier this month.Read more

Official responsible for Uyghur mass detentions appointed top official in Tibet

26th October 2021
The architect of Uyghur genocide has been appointed to a top CCP position in Tibet, but who is the ‘Butcher of Xinjiang...Read more

China continues campaign to forcibly displace Tibetan nomads

19th October 2021
Chinese authorities have reneged on promises of non-intervention in the lives of Tibet’s nomadic peoples.Read more

Free Tibet staffer arrested protesting Beijing Olympics

18th October 2021
Jason Leith is one of a group of activists arrested today after bringing "No Beijing 2022" message to the torch-...Read more

Chinese government officially confirms the detention of two Tibetans

7th October 2021
The Chinese government has responded to a letter by United Nations experts , confirming the imprisonment of Rinchen...Read more

Tibetan teenagers in central Tibet start school year with military training

6th October 2021
A newly opened camp in Nagchu City held a six-day training on national defence education.Read more

Over 100 Tibetan detainees released in Dza Wonpo after month-long torture and interrogation

5th October 2021
Three still remain in detention while a stone memorial honoring resistance to the 1959 invasion found to be destroyedRead more

Hundreds of Activists Gather to Protest CCP Human Rights Abuses

5th October 2021
Free Tibet and allies gathered and marched in central London to protest China's 'National Day'.Read more

Survivors of earthquake under surveillance and uncertainty

30th September 2021
Tibetan homes torn down for reconstruction and 1216 children relocated to distant boarding schoolsRead more

Many students from forcibly closed Tibetan school can’t register at new schools

21st September 2021
Non-local students left adrift without admission and teachers not allowed to shelter orphansRead more

Campaigners and communities gather for Tower Hamlets rally

15th September 2021
Scores of people braved the rain to call for Hong Kong Square, Tibet Hill and Uyghur Court to take their place on maps...Read more

Detainees in Dza Wonpo subjected to torture and political re-education

15th September 2021
Around 117 Tibetans remain in detention, with at least one being denied medical treatment.Read more

Two Tibetan youngsters detained for chat group conversation in Tibetan language

9th September 2021
Yang Ri and Guldak were detained for speaking out against the replacement of Tibetan by Chinese in schools.Read more