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Teaching Tibetan Language in Tibetan Schools declared “unconstitutional”

1st February 2021
Chinese authorities have declared that local laws requiring the use of spoken and written languages among “ethnic...Read more

Tibetan mantra replaced with Chinese Flag

29th January 2021
Further evidence of Tibetan culture being erased has surfaced in Central TibetRead more

Tibetans celebrate as language advocate Tashi Wangchuk finally released

27th January 2021
The former political prisoner was arrested in November 2015, after the publication of an interview by the New York...Read more

Chinese military choppers spotted over Potala following a new US Act

26th January 2021
The choppers were spotted a few days after the US Congress passed the Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020...Read more

19-year-old Tibetan monk Tenzin Nyima dies from injuries after police detention

22nd January 2021
Relatives and local villagers raised funds to try to keep Tenzin Nyima alive after police violence left him a comaRead more

Tashi Wangchuk, Tibetan language advocate, is expected to be released after five years

20th January 2021
Free Tibet has repeatedly pushed for Tashi’s release after his 2016 detention After five years...Read more

Tibetan self-immolation protest revealed after five years of censorship

18th January 2021
Shurmo’s self-immolation protest in Driru County came to light last week after being censored by CCP...Read more

New reports highlight dramatic plunge in human rights under the CCP

15th January 2021
Free Tibet’s findings feature heavily in Conservative Party report, which calls on UK to re-think relationship with the...Read more

Tibetan nomad imprisoned for Dalai Lama posts

11th January 2021
Lhundup was sentenced to one year in prison for social media posts. A Tibetan nomad was imprisoned...Read more

Former political prisoner released from jail

11th January 2021
Akyakya was arrested for organising celebrations for the Dalai Lama’s birthday. A former...Read more

Electoral process reflects the Dalai Lama’s vision for Tibetan democracy

8th January 2021
Tibetans around the world marked 2021 by voting in their General Election. Standing in the...Read more

9 Times Free Tibet Fought Back in 2020

1st January 2021
We kicked off 2020 by announcing our new campaign -- Tibet's Climate Crisis.Read more

Tibetan writer and poet detained - whereabouts unknown

16th December 2020
Gendun Lhundrup was arrested in eastern Tibet in early DecemberRead more

Authorities detained Tibetan rights advocate for ten days

11th December 2020
Tsering Tso was detained and fined.Read more

US diplomat urges partner countries to introduce reciprocal access laws on Tibet

9th December 2020
New Special Coordinator for Tibet Issues called on countries to follow the USA’s example.Read more

Chinese government official called for stricter policing of religious activities

4th December 2020
Ding Yexian visited areas of Lhasa and said Tibetan Buddhism should obey CCP rules.Read more

Detention of missing Tibetan monk confirmed

2nd December 2020
Reports have confirmed that Rinchen Tsultrim was arrested in August 2019.Read more

Free Tibet launches campaign calling for the UK Government to place sanctions on Chen Quanguo

26th November 2020
Free Tibet has launched a campaign calling for the UK Government to place a travel ban on Chen Quanguo, a senior...Read more