World sees Tibet self-immolation videos

9th May 2012

Video footage and the personal testimonies of Tibetans who set themselves on fire is smuggled out

This is the latest in a series of images, video and recordings finding their way out of the country despite intensive Chinese security and communication lockdowns.

The clips, which have been passed to the outside world despite great risks, show Sonam, 24 (right), and Choephak Kyap, 25 (bottom right) who set themselves on fire and died in Barma Township on 19 April.

Arrests and protests in Tibet

In the last month, scores of Tibetans have been arrested and charged for their role in the Tibet Spring, some for sharing information about protests.

More than 30 Tibetans who have now set themselves on fire since March last year in protest at China’s continued occupation of Tibet.

Inspirational message

Sonam and Choephak Kyap left behind a recorded message which outlined the reasons behind their decision to self-immolate.

The message said the two set themselves on fire for “freedom in Tibet and so Buddhism and sentient beings can prosper, and for world peace”.

The message is also now being shared by Tibetans via mobile devices.

More than 40 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest at the repressive Chinese occupation of their country. See the full list.

What you can do

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Ask world leaders to break the silence on Tibet

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