Shocking photographs emerge of China's punishment of Tibetans

Friday, 2 December 2011

Shocking photographs illustrating China’s punishment of Tibetans emerged on the internet today (1). The photographs show Tibetan monks and lay people, with placards around their necks detailing their names and ‘crimes’, being transported by Special Units of the Chinese paramilitary People’s Armed Police (in blue uniforms). In one of the photographs (2), monks in a truck with placards round their necks are being forced forwards by security personnel over the side of the truck so that their heads and placards are on show to anyone they pass. In another of the photographs (3), a monk called Tamding Gyatso can be seen sitting amongst a large number of Tibetans with placards round their necks, with a placard round his own neck detailing the charge of “splitting the nation”, a charge that can carry life imprisonment.

Other photographs (4) show large numbers of paramilitary People’s Armed Police patrolling the streets of Ngaba and in a large open square in Ngaba Town (People's Armed Police (in green) and Special Branch of People's Armed Police (blue) in Ngaba Town); Free Tibet is unable to verify the date of these photographs. The location has been identified by features and landmarks in the photographs, such as the stupa of Kirti monastery, Ngaba Town (5).

The photographs appeared today on Chinese language website that reports from the United States on Chinese and Tibetan issues. According to Boxun, the photographs were leaked and were taken in the Tibetan areas of Sichuan Province. Both Kandze Autonomous Prefecture and Ngaba Autonomous Prefecture comprise the Tibetan areas in Sichuan. Boxun provides no more information about the locations and dates of the photos taken.


Notes to Editor


For information in English on the content of the photographs please visit

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