Nun who set herself alight in Tibet on 29 March identified

Monday, 31 March 2014

Free Tibet media release
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Nun who set herself alight in Tibet on 29 March identified

Condition of 31 year-old Dolma still unknown.

The nun who set herself alight in Bathang county, Kardze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture on 29 March 2014 (1), has been identified as Dolma, aged 31, from Markham County (2).

The self-immolation took place near Bhachoede monastery in Bathang county. Dolma had gone into retreat at Rethod monastery, in Bathang County, for a few months before her self-immolation. On 29 March, Chinese police arrested three nuns who had been resident at Rethod with Dolma. Their whereabouts are unknown.

No further information about Dolma’s condition has emerged. After she was taken to Bathang county hospital, the hospital was locked down by security forces and communications restrictions remain in place in the area.

Dolma belongs to the Thonglaka Tsang family which is well-known in the county for being heavily involved in the resistance to China’s occupation in the 1950s. A number of family members have also become senior monks (rinpoches) in the Bhachoede monastery.

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Notes for editors

(1) Free Tibet media release
(2) Portrait photograph at Dolma is from Shokpa village, Drupalung township, Markham county (Ch: Xisonggong village, Zhubalong township, Mangkang county).

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