Nun confirmed dead following self-immolation reported last week

Monday, 17 June 2013

A nun, who Free Tibet reported to have set fire to herself last week (1), has died. Previously unidentified, she has now been named as 31-year-old Wangchen Dolma (picture available, 2).

She died three days after her self-immolation on June 14 at around 8pm. Her protest was at Nyatso monastery in Tawu County, eastern Tibet (3), during a major Tibetan Buddhist gathering, which Chinese authorities banned in 2012.

She died at hospital in Darstedo. Her body was cremated by the authorities, who caused additional distress to Wangchen Dolma's family by refusing to hand over her body or ashes, and stopping them performing the traditional death ceremonies. Chinese authorities also prevented local people from visiting the family to pray and show solidarity. The family were ordered to not contact people about Wangchen Dolma's protest or visit the monastery.

Nearly 120 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest against China’s occupation of Tibet (4).


(1) Press release 11 June 2013

(2) A picture of Wangchen Dolma is available.

(3) Location: Nyatso Monastery, Tawu (Ch. Daofu), Kandze (Ch. Garzi) Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province

(4) Full list of self-immolators at

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