1 year countdown

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

One Year Countdown To Beijing Olympics: Actions For Free Tibet

Global Day of Action for Tibet
London: Tibetans and their supporters world-wide launch a global campaign on August 8 to mark the one year countdown to the Beijing Olympics. The aim is to highlight to the media and public China’s decades-long record of repression and human rights abuses in Tibet, a record China is desperate to conceal through its increasingly sophisticated media management of the upcoming Olympics.
The day will be marked by a series of public events across London:

Whitehall: the delivery of a letter and thousands of petition cards to Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, calling on him to demand that China allows immediate and unrestricted media access to Tibet.

Brixton: a unique, one-off, film screening of “The Forbidden Team”(a documentary about the Tibetan National Football Team) at Ritzy Cinema, Brixton.

Portland Place: Tibetans in London will then join Tibetans across the globe (who will be staging protests outside Chinese Embassies in the world’s capital cities) by staging a protest at 6pm outside the Chinese Embassy on Portland Place.

Free Tibet Campaign will be launching its online petition, calling on the IOC to demand publicly that China allows immediate and unrestricted access to Tibet for journalists and drops its insistence on special permits for journalists wishing to travel to Tibet.

Free Tibet Campaign will launch an urgent campaign, asking its supporters to stage a mass letter-writing campaign to director Steven Spielberg, urging him to withdraw from his involvement in the Olympics on the grounds of China’s human rights violations in Tibet as well as for its taking an insufficiently tough stance on Darfur.
Global: The “global day of action” will be preceded by a series of high-profile demonstrations on Aug 4, set to sweep major-league baseball games across the US and aimed at raising grassroots public awareness of the Tibetan issue. See http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070725/sp_wl_afp/baseballusaoly2008_070725223058