Young Tibetans make a stand

8th March 2012

Chinese textbooks spark student defiance Up to 700 Tibetan students in Rongwo Town, Rebkong, took part in a protest on Sunday (4 March) upon discovering that their new textbooks were in Chinese. The school textbooks on politics, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics and maths had previously been in Tibetan.

Tibet language rights

The young people began ripping up the books and tried to march into the town to call for Tibetan language rights. They were stopped by their teachers and headmasters who were fearful that, with protest breaking out across Tibet, the consequences for both the school and the students at such a sensitive time would be more severe than usual. They were eventually persuaded to remain. Students from the same school had led a similar protest in 2010 (above), which quickly drew support from several thousand young people before spreading across Tibet.

Students monitored

Elsewhere, the fellow students of Tsering Kyi, who self-immolated and died on Saturday (3 March), are now being closely monitored. Young people at Machu County Middle School in Nyima are not allowed to leave and their parents are also being denied access to the school. Tsering Kyi, a 20-year-old student at the school, died in a market while on holidays.

What you can do

Contact your nearest Chinese embassy calling for an end to oppression in Tibet. Get involved in 10 March events and rallies at Chinese embassies.