Xi Jinping calls for further sinicization of Tibet

10th September 2020

CCP leader set out plans for Tibet in high-level meeting. 

Beijing plans to intensify its sinicization of Tibetan Buddhism and its patriotic ‘re-education’ of Tibetan citizens as part of its fight against ‘splittest forces’ in the country, it was announced at a high level meeting on the governance of Tibet held in Beijing from 29 to 30 August, Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping presented the policy direction for Tibet at the meeting, which is held every five years and acts as an important guideline for party policy in the country.

Xi presided over the meeting while Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, Wang Yang and other senior Chinese Communist Party members were also there.

The Chinese President called for strengthened leadership teams at all levels of the Chinese Communist Party in Tibet to improve Beijiing’s control, adding border security in Tibet would also need to be ensured.

Xi said there needed to be mass education to promote socialism with Chinese characteristics, which should include changes to school textbooks, and Buddhism should be adapted to the Chinese socialist system so patriotism is prioritised over religion, Tibet Watch said. 

Tibet Watch added that a campaign has been launched in parts of Tibet following the meeting which suggested citizens should study Xi’s understanding of socialism with Chinese Characteristics alongside guidelines from the meeting.


In Tibet the Chinese Communist Party oversees what some have called the world's largest open air prison. The authorities have the power to switch the light on and off, peering into Tibetans' emails one moment and making political prisoners vanish from their families and friends, apparently into darkness, the next. Help us push for Tibet's hidden political prisoners to be found and released.