UK politician refuses to answer Tibet questions

29th October 2014

Lord Davidson silent on shootings and "happy Tibetans"

Despite repeated requests by Free Tibet and the UK media, Lord Davidson of Glen Clova has refused to answer questions about his reported support for China's work in Tibet at a conference in Lhasa in August. His participation in the conference was paid for by the Chinese government. Lord Davidson - a spokesperson for the Labour Party in the British Parliament - was reported to have described Tibetans as "happy" and praised China's work in the region. He was also reported to have supported a statement issued by conference organisers condemning the Western media for "bias" when reporting on Tibet and applauding the occupied country's "social harmony". Other Western politicians attending the conference have rejected the statement.

Silence on Tibet human rights abuses

As Lord Davidson was enjoying China's hospitality in Lhasa, security forces opened fire on a demonstration elsewhere in the country. Four Tibetans died in jail of untreated injuries. Another injured man committed suicide in protest against the denial of medical treatment. Lord Davidson has not condemned the shootings or any of China's human rights abuses in Tibet.

Unaccountable on Tibet

Lord Davidson refused to respond to enquiries from the UK media about his comments, even though he was happy to give interviews praising China to state media - controlled by the Chinese government - while in Tibet. Free Tibet has also contacted Lord Davidson four times to give him the opportunity to clarify his position. He has ignored all requests. Lord Davidson receives thousands of pounds every year from UK taxpayers in expenses payments.

Take action

small_action4.jpg Contact Lord Davidson directly to ask him to explain his position and condemn China's human rights abuses in Tibet.