Two young Tibetans unfairly tried and sentenced

11th November 2014

Monks who carried out separate solo protests beaten in detention.

On 7th November, A Chinese Court in Barkham County in Ngaba Prefecture sentenced the two monks from Kirti Monastery. 19 year old Lobsang Tenpa was sentenced for up to two years in prison for “separatist activities and plotting against the nation”.

Beaten in detention

As reported in April, footage shows (watch below), Lobsang Tenpa running down a main street in Ngaba, holding a picture of the Dalai Lama and wearing a hand-drawn Tibetan national flag on his head. During his protest, he shouts “Freedom in Tibet” and “Let the Tibetan spiritual leader, H.H The Dalai Lama return to Tibet”. Lobsang Tenpa was arrested and beaten whilst in detention.

Unfair trial

Lobsang_gyatso_0.jpg Lobsang Gyatso (right) who is 20 years old, also carried out a solo protest on 2 April 2014, and faces up to three years' imprisonment on charges of “plotting against the nation”. Whilst holding a hand-drawn Tibetan flag, he also shouted similar slogans to Lobsang Tenpa, but was not arrested until 15 April. Both the monks’ families attended the court for sentencing but neither were allowed to appoint their own defence lawyers.

Take Action

Tibetans risk everything to stand up for their rights against China, the world’s largest dictatorship. They deserve the support of the global community. Tell your foreign minister to take action for Tibet.