Two Tibetans dead whilst in Chinese custody

18th August 2014

Deaths of two detained Tibetans confirmed after 12 August protest

On 17 August, Lo Phelsang killed himself in protest against the denial of medical treatment to fellow detainees, who suffered from gunshot wounds, sustained during the protest in Kardze.

Young Tibetan shot dead by China

One of those injured was a 22- year-old Tibetan man, who died from untreated gunshot injuries, Chinese security forces opened fire on around 100 unarmed Tibetans who were protesting the arrest of their village leader.

Bullet wounds not treated

Injured Tibetans were initially taken to hospital but have not had bullets removed. Some of those injured were later moved to detention centres.

All Tibetan men arrested

Following the arrests on 12 August, all male (200) villagers of Shukpa village over the age of 12 have now been arrested, except a few very old men. The names of 25 have been confirmed. Further details are not available due to communications restrictions in the area.

China’s propaganda

China unashamedly continues to spread its propaganda by saying Tibetans are happier than ever yet in reality Tibetans are subjected to violence by China's security forces, arbitrary detention and torture. Tibetans live in a state of fear with Chinese security personnel visible almost everywhere.

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