Tibetans unite: last words of Tsering Gyal

13th November 2013

Latest self-immolation protester leaves behind his wish for Tibet

Tsering Gyal, the young monk who set himself on fire yesterday died on his way to the main hospital in Siling.

Before dying he told his companions on the way to the hospital:

“Today I self-immolated for reunion of Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. My only wish for you is to be united and to work for the preservation of Tibetan language and tradition.

“If we do these things, Tibetans will be reunited.”

Call to Dalai Lama

Earlier that day, having set himself on fire, Tsering Gyal reportedly ran around ten steps towards the local government premises in Pema County.

He called on the Dalai Lama to “please think of me”.

Tibetans flock to mourn

His body was taken back to his monastery, Akyong monastery for the funeral rituals where around 200 monks from the neighbouring places gathered to carry out the funeral rituals.

Many local Tibetans are also flooding into Tsering's home to offer condolences and comfort to his family members.

Military presence

Security and surveillance have been tightened in Pema County with military forces presence.

However, at the moment the security forces are not preventing the funeral rites from taking place.

Take action

Self-immolation protests are a reaction against China's brutal oppression and occupation in Tibet.

We need your help to raise awareness about the situation inside Tibet.

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