Tibetans protest unemployment

15th April 2013

Graduates demonstrate against corruption and discrimination in the jobs market

Unemployed Tibetan graduates have staged a public protest over their inability to find jobs.

They risked arrest and beatings to gather outside government buildings in Machu County, eastern Tibet, on 10th April, where they handed out leaflets explaining how they are disadvantaged when it came to finding work.

Marginalised and discriminated against

The demonstrators, who noted in the leaflets that their protest was “not political”, and appealed for “comprehensive support”, wrote that they were disadvantaged by:

1. Not being given roles appropriate to their professional qualifications;

2. Officials abusing their positions and appointing graduates from outside the area;

3. Public service exams being in Mandarin, which is now the language of business and higher education throughout Tibet. This excludes Tibetan graduates who have been educated in their native language and puts Han Chinese immigrants at a distinct advantage.


Because of the high graduate unemployment rate throughout China, local officials may take bribes or seek other advantages in return for appointing graduates from other areas.

Take action

Contact your Chinese embassy.