Tibetans face state led discrimination against employment opportunities

Picture of the notice
Picture of the notice
Picture of the notice
19th June 2020

Tibetans involved in “separatist activities” barred from applying to police jobs.


The Chinese government has barred Tibetans who have been involved in “ethnic separatist activities” or protests related to “ethnic splitting and sabotage” from applying to a job with the police in Lithang county, eastern Tibet, Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch has said.

The police hiring notice, which was published on 25 May, said candidates should not apply if they have participated in “supporting or funding for ethnic separatist activities”.

The notice follows a longstanding practice of Chinese authorities conflating peaceful protests and rallies with violent crimes. In this case, the notice states that crimes ruling out Tibetan candidates are:


“Participating in, supporting, or funding for ethnic separatist activities; participating in or supporting illegal activities such as hitting, smashing, looting, and arson; sheltering, hiding or conniving with all kinds of illegal persons; fabricating and spreading rumors and false information that undermine social stability; participating in and supporting illegal activities such as demonstrations, rallies, gathering, and protests that are related to ethnic splitting and sabotage activities.”


It added that those with family members who have left the country illegally should also not apply.

“Expression of the unique Tibetan culture and religion is considered a separatist activity. With such claims, many Tibetans are easily deprived of the right to employment opportunities,” a Tibet Watch researcher said. They added that this kind of discrimination is becoming a “new normal” in Tibet. 

Another job advert issued in Lhoka has a “political review” section for recruits, Tibet Watch said.  

Tibetan job candidates can be split into categories of “loyal” to the government or “problematic” with those who are seen to cause trouble discriminated against, while Tibetans are also discriminated against when compared with Chinese candidates, Tibet Watch said.

Unemployment amongst Tibetans has been a continuous problem, with Tibetans even staging a public protest over the matter in 2013. 


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