Tibetans brutally beaten by Drango County security forces

29th August 2017

Locals taking part in a peaceful prayer ritual have been injured and hospitalised following a random attack carried out by local Chinese security officials

Around ten Tibetans, including a 70 year old man, have been severely injured after beatings received at the hands of Chinese security personnel on 24 August in Drango County, Kardze Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Local Tibetans in Gangrong Village (Drango County) were gathered on a hillside for a picnic after performing prayer rituals. At that point 30 Kardze County security personnel arrived and demanded they form a queue and produce their resident identity cards.

No reason was given for this sudden check and the village head called Tsogo Township officials to complain. After he had completed the call, two security personnel began beating him. It later emerged that a Kardze County official had also ordered the security officers to beat and detain the Tibetans.

Despite the Tibetans pleading with their attackers, the officers continued to beat them and about ten people were severely injured. One of those hurt in the attack was a 70 year old man who was taken to a hospital in Chengdu (Sichuan’s provincial capital); another Tibetan suffered a broken rib while others injured were treated at a hospital in Drango County.

Demanding an explanation

The local Tibetans who suffered the attack have subsequently submitted letters to the Central Chinese government, the Sichuan Provincial government office, the Kardze Prefecture government office and several officials demanding an explanation for the beatings.

The letter reads:

"We are still not clear on why Kardze County's Security Personnel beat the Tibetans. Ours is a law-abiding country and Kardze County's security personnel, instead of following the rule of law in resolving any issue, started beating Tibetans for no reason and that is completely against the law."

Previous attack

Five years ago, in early 2012, there was another reported episode of police brutality in Drango. This was a major incident where security forces eventually opened fire on protesters, killing two people and injuring 34. Following the killings, girls aged 14 and under who were related to the deceased were detained, the authorities subsequently denying their families information on their whereabouts.


Information supplied by Tibet Watch

Take Action

Such brutality towards innocent Tibetans is all too common – and is in danger of being accepted as the norm by the international community, instead of spurring decisive responses. Following the incident in Drango in 2012, Free Tibet’s then-Director Stephanie Brigden spoke of ordinary Tibetans’ calls for help to those outside Tibet as “falling on deaf ears,” stressing that “the international community must act.”

Many Tibetan political prisoners are held in Chinese jails. Some of them are held in secret locations with the Chinese authorities refusing to reveal any information about their location or current health condition while also preventing them from contacting their relatives.

Help Free Tibet pressure Chinese officials to reveal their location, and push for their release!