Tibetan woman dies in self-immolation protest

Shrine for Tashi Kyi set up by her family following her protest
Shrine for Tashi Kyi set up by her family following her protest
28th August 2015

Protest follows demolition of houses

Tashi Kyi set herself alight on the night of 27 August 2015 in her home village in Sangchu County, eastern Tibet. Local people tried to extinguish the fire but she died later, around 3am the following morning.

Around dawn, police came to her house in Ngulra village and forcefully took away her body.

Tashi Kyi's protest followed the demolition of houses in Ngulra with bulldozers, reportedly because they did not have valid permits.

A number of the house-owners protested, with some physically hanging on to the demolition equipment.

Ngulra residents believe Tashi Kyi’s self-immolation was motivated by witnessing the destruction of her village.

Self-immolations in Tibet

Tashi Kyi's seventh person to set themselves alight in 2015. 141 self-immolations have been confirmed in Tibet, with two other fire deaths thought to have been self-immolation protests.

The first self-immolation took place in 2009 and there were no further self-immolations until March 2011. 2012 saw the peak number of self-immolations, with 83 confirmed.

Tibetan land taken

Land grabs and destruction of Tibetan property by the authorities are common occurrences in Tibet. They are also a frequent trigger for protests.

Many land grabs are to clear the way for exploitation of Tibet's natural resources by Chinese companies.

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