Tibetan woman dies in self-immolation protest

22nd December 2014

Three years on, 130 self immolation deaths, Tibetans continue to protest China’s occupation.

Today (22 December) 20-year-old Tibetan Tsepe Kyi set herself on fire around 2pm local time in Meruma town, Ngaba County, in eastern Tibet. Sources confirmed that she died at the scene and was taken away by the police. Tsepe’s self-immolation follows that of Sanghyal Khar, on 16 December and brings the total number of such protests in Tibet this year to ten.


Tsepe Kyi’s parents have been summoned by the police for questioning shortly after her self-immolation protest. Her father has been told to return for further questioning at a later date. The police are currently refusing to hand over Tsepe Kyi's body to her family. Warning: Graphic images of Tsepe Kyi's protest here and a video clip here

Tibetan self immolation protests

After a single self-immolation in 2009, the wave of Tibetan self-immolations protests began in Ngaba County in 2011 with a protest on the anniversary of the fatal shooting of 13 protesters in 2008. There have been two self-immolations in Ngaba this year, including on the anniversary of the shootings again on 16 March.

Take Action

Tibetans continue to set themselves alight in protest against China’s rule in Tibet and China’s response has been to inflict severe punishments. The ongoing crisis in Tibet will not be resolved until world’s leaders put pressure on China to recognise Tibetans’ desire for freedom. Email your country’s foreign minister now and ask them to speak up for Tibet.