Tibetan protests grow

12th December 2011

Twelve Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest at Chinese repression since March across a widening area of Tibet.

The most recent self-immolation, by Tenzin Phuntsog (right) a former monk, took place in Chamdo on 1 December. He died seven days later. This is the first self-immolation known to have taken place in the Tibet Autonomous Region

A series of protests has taken place, underlining a broad rejection of China's 60-year occupation and widespread human rights abuses, including the routine and widespread use of torture.

Urgent situation

The latest actions prompted the Dalai Lama to speak out against China's “cultural genocide” in Tibet and the “desperateness of the situation” in Tibet.

The new Tibetan leader in exile, Lobsang Sangay said: “The incidents are a clear indication of the genuine grievances of the Tibetans and their sense of deep resentment and despair over the prevailing conditions in Tibet.

“It is therefore of the utmost urgency that every possible effort be made to address the underlying root causes of Tibetan grievances and resentment.”

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