Tibetan nun sets herself on fire in protest against Chinese rule

31st March 2014

As Xi Jinping tours the EU, Tibetans continue to protest

31 year Tibetan nun, identified as Dolma has set herself on fire in Kardze, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, eastern Tibet. This latest Tibetan protest took place on 29 March 2014, around 3pm local time, near Bhachoede monastery. Locals were circumambulating the monastery when they discovered the protest and extinguished the fire. Dolma was taken to the People's Hospital of Bathang. Soon after, Chinese police turned up and prevented Tibetans from entering the hospital. You can view a full list of confirmed self-immolations here.

Nuns missing

Dolma went into retreat at Rethod monastery, in Bathang County, a few months before her protest. Chinese police have arrested three nuns from Rethod monastery. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Family of fighters

Dolma belonged to the well known Thonglaka Tsang family in Bathang, with three rinpoches (senior religious figures) in the family. The Thonglaka Tsang family are well known for their involvement in fighting against the Chinese invasion in the 1950s. Various family members have been either killed or imprisoned, including Dolma's father.

Xi Jinping in Europe

Chinese president Xi Jinping is currently being wined and dined in Europe with apparently no mention of Tibet from his hosts.

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