Tibetan nun takes her life after expulsion from Yarchen Gar

Yarchen Gar. Credit: Tibet Post.
Yarchen Gar. Credit: Tibet Post.
Yarchen Gar. Credit: Tibet Post.
19th February 2020

The nun had been detained in a camp having been expelled from her home

A Tibetan nun, who authorities expelled from a Buddhist community in eastern Tibet and put in an internment camp, has taken her life, RFA has reported, citing an anonymous source in the region.

The nun, whose name is unknown, was evicted from her home in Yarchen Gar alongside thousands of other Tibetans who lived and studied there, the source who lives at the centre told RFA.

The evictions came after authorities destroyed a large section of the dormitories at Yarchen Gar in August last year, where members of the religious community lived at the site.

Satellite images obtained by Free Tibet show the extent of the demolitions in the area, which is one of the largest Buddhist centres in Tibet.

Yarchen Gar
Yarchen Gar

“A Tibetan nun was among those who were held in an internment camp after being removed from Yarchen Gar last year,” the source, who visited the internment camp she was held at, told RFA.

The nun was originally from Jomda County in Chamdo Prefecture, he added. Chamdo, in central Tibet, is located in the area administered by China as the the Tibet Autonomous Region.

“She was defiant of the political reeducation in the camp and always protested against the Chinese officials’ instruction and education, which often resulted in her being beaten. The management and reeducation instructor in the camp had developed a dislike for her attitude,” the source told RFA. 

“Finding the hardships she endured in the camp unbearable, she chose to end her life.” 

RFA was unable to get details about how the nun killed herself. 

Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch is checking for further details on the incident. 


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