Tibet groups warn Olympics Committee over Beijing 2022 bid

19th March 2015

Report submitted today advises "don't make the same mistake again"

Free Tibet and other groups in the International Tibet Network are calling on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reject China's bid to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. A report will be handed in to the IOC headquarters in Switzerland today, detailing how the award of the 2008 Summer Olympics to Beijing did nothing to ease oppression in China or Tibet.

Human rights and the Olympics

The Free Tibet co-authored report Losing the bet on human rights: Beijing, Tibet and the Olympic Games details the IOC's claims that the Olympic Games would lead to greater respect for human rights by China's government: in 2001, its president said that it was "taking the bet" that human rights would improve in China. In the run up to the Games, there were no improvements in human rights in China or Tibet. In March 2008, a national uprising took place in Tibet which was brutally suppressed by China under the gaze of the world's media. Although the IOC had previously said it would act if human rights were not improved, it did no more than issue a statement. Since 2008, repression has remained severe in Tibet and human rights in China have deteriorated.

Support for Beijing

The report is being submitted today because a delegation from the IOC will visit Beijing next week to examine its bid. The report concludes:

“China’s performance between 2001 and 2008 makes it abundantly clear that the award of the Games itself will have no positive impact on its performance regarding human rights in China or Tibet. In fact since 2008, China has become more aggressive and unrelenting in its attitude to human rights in Tibet and less willing to engage in dialogue regarding a lasting resolution. Without rigorous and robust policies in place to address human rights abuses . . . for Beijing, the Games will be an effective endorsement of its failure to improve human rights since 2008, not an incentive for future improvements.”

More than 175 Tibet groups back the report and the call to the IOC to reject China's bid.

Protest against the 2008 OlympicsProtest against the 2008 Olympics


Update 1/6/2015: with less than two months until the IOC makes its decision, please sign the global change.org petition now and demand that the IOC rejects China's bid.