Tibet activists take action against Intercontinental

5th August 2013

Look who’s in bed together at a London hotel

Free Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet UK took action against Intercontinental Hotels in central London this morning.

Activists posing as Intercontinental CEO Richard Solomons and Chinese President Xi Jinping climbed into a double bed which was placed at the entrance to the Intercontinental Westminster.

Selling out Tibet

A bed sheet banner proclaimed the message: Selling out Tibet – a reference to the UK hotel giant’s plans to open a luxury hotel in occupied Lhasa next year.

A number of other activists dressed as Chinese soldiers – a sight which visitors to the Intercontinental Lhasa will have to get used to.

Running a hotel in Lhasa will gift priceless PR to the Chinese dictatorship which is responsible for the brutal repression of the Tibetan people.

By getting into bed with the Chinese regime, Intercontinental is putting profit before human rights and the freedom of the Tibetan people.

Boycott Intercontinental

Hotel staff unsuccessfully tried to prevent the protest, which is part of the ongoing boycott campaign against Intercontinental Hotels.

Thousands of people have so far signed up to the boycott.

Public support for Tibet

London commuters crowded around the scene to take photographs and many took away leaflets which outline the reasons for the boycott.

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) will release its latest set of financial results tomorrow.

Take action

You can help us continue to keep the pressure on Intercontinental and convince them to put the Tibetan people before their profits.

Please sign up to the boycott and share our campaign video.