Thousands of Tibetans protest mining on sacred site

30th May 2013

Security forces flood area

On Friday 24 May, an estimated 3,500 Tibetans converged on a site of pilgrimage to prevent a Chinese firm starting mining operations in the area. Up to 5,000 had gathered in the local town to protest beforehand.

Chinese company

Around 100 workers from the Chinese company arrived at the site on Naghla Dzambha mountain in Driru, central Tibet, purportedly to put up power lines. Locals believed they were there to start mining. A delegation approached the workers, asking them to “please leave our resources where they are”.

Photo of Chinese security

County authorities later announced mining would not take place. 50 trucks containing security forces were sent into the area following the protest. A photo obtained by Free Tibet of the trucks carries the caption in Tibetan “the fate of sadness”.

Mining conflict

The fatal landslide at a mine near Lhasa in March highlighted environmental destruction in Tibet. Mines have often been the site of protests by Tibetans.

Take action

action4.jpgTibet’s culture and natural environment are resources to be plundered by the Chinese government and its friends. Tell those who want to exploit Tibet that it belongs to Tibetans. Email Intercontinental Hotels Group to demand they pull out of Tibet. View a slideshow of images from the protest