Tensions rise in Labrang

23rd October 2012

Second self-immolation protest in as many days

A second Tibetan man has set himself on fire in Labrang today.

Dorjee Rinchen, 58, set himself alight in front of the Armed Forces Department at Woeden market. It is thought that he died at the scene.

Tibetans clash with security forces

Tensions ran high as security forces tried to prevent local people from carrying his body back to his home.

However, the Tibetans were successful in returning his body to his village.

Monk prayer service

An eyewitness reported that, after hearing of the self-immolation, monks from Labrang monastery tried to go to the protester's home to offer prayers but were stopped by security forces on the way.

The monks offered prayers on the spot before returning to the monastery.

Photos from the day's events can be seen in our slideshow below.

Continuing protests in Tibet

Dorjee Rinchen’s protest is the third self-immolation in four days in Tibet and the second in consecutive days in the Labrang area. Another local man, Dhondup, set himself on fire and died in the grounds of Labrang Monastery yesterday.

Nearly 60 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest against the Chinese occupation of their country. Read the full list.

Take action for Tibet

Four monks disappeared from the city of Tridu (also known as Chengdu) in January. It is believed they were detained by Chinese forces. We have grave concerns for their wellbeing. Send an email on behalf of the Drango Four.

Intercontinental Hotels want to build and operate a huge new resort in Lhasa, Tibet. This tells the world that the situation in Tibet is normal... it isn't. Email Intercontinental and ask them to get out of Tibet.

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