Tashi Wangchuk in good health and appealing his prison sentence

Tashi Wangchuk
Tashi Wangchuk
19th June 2018

Tibetan language rights advocate Tashi Wangchuk was sentenced to five years in prison last month

Following a meeting with Tashi Wangchuk at the detention centre of Yushu City yesterday morning, Monday 18 June, his lawyers report that he is in good health. They added that he is firm in his determination to fight the five-year prison sentence he was given last month after being found guilty of “inciting separatism”. He has already filed an appeal against the decision, which will be heard by the High Court of Qinghai Province.

He has made it clear to his lawyers, Liang Xiaojun and Lin Qilei, that if the High Court upholds the judgement against him, he will persist with pursuing a retrial through lodging further applications to that end.  

Tashi Wangchuk has been fighting a legal battle since being arrested in January 2016,  two months after the New York Times ran an article and online video about his attempts to ensure that all Tibetans have access to education in their mother tongue. He was later charged with “inciting separatism”.

Despite the charge, Tashi Wangchuk has all along been at pains to act fully within Chinese law and to at no point express a wish for Tibetan independence.

Tashi Wangchuk’s case has garnered international attention, with Tibet groups, human rights organisations, United Nations experts and linguists around the world calling for his release.

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