Self-immolation protester calls for freedom in Tibet

Onlookers gather around the self-immolation protest
Onlookers gather around the self-immolation protest
8th December 2016

Photo and video evidence show the protester carrying out his protest on a busy street

Update (09/12/16): The man has been confirmed as Tashi Rabten, known to his friends and family as Tarab. A former monk from Teushel village in Machu County, Kanlho, eastern Tibet.

A Tibetan has carried out a self-immolation protest at around 5pm (local time) today in Machu County, Kanlho, eastern Tibet.

Video footage obtained by Free Tibet's research partner Tibet Watch shows the protester, an unidentified male, walking while his body is burning. Onlookers have confirmed that as he walked he shouted slogans calling for the freedom of Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama. The man eventually collapses to the pavement where a crowd gathers around the body to say prayers for him. Security personnel later removed the body. 

It has not yet been possible to identify the self-immolator or confirm further details. Tibet Watch is working to gather further information on this case.

This is the first self-immolation in Tibet since Sonam Tso, a mother of five, died after setting herself on fire in March this year. Over 140 Tibetans have carried out self-immolation protests in Tibet since 2009. The majority of these protests have been fatal.

Warning: The following video contains graphic content

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