Rewards for informants of "underworld forces" in Ganzi

27th September 2018

Chinese officials offer money to local informers for reporting on Tibetan activities

A group for the" Elimination of Underworld Forces and Public Security" in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (TAP), eastern Tibet, has issued a notification announcing increased financial rewards for anyone reporting "subversive activity".

This comes after another proclamation earlier this year, which expanded the term "underworld forces" to include acts of dissent by Tibetans, or even activities that promote Tibetan culture.

The notification posted on their official website has 16 points of which the 1st, 3rd and 10th are directly related to Tibetan issues.

Criminal Offences

Threats to political security, according to the notification, could stem through family connections, clan or tribal networks, and monastic institutions, all of which can use their influence to aid separatist activities.

Point one of the notification forbids the use of such networks to influence people into taking action against the state or interfering with the work of the local government. It also outlaws using the internet to slander state leaders, spread political rumours or post material relating to separatist activities.

The notification points to the planning of other illegal activities which should be reported on, including the use of sensitive occasions to mobilise mass protest against the state and the establishment of an association without state permission.

Point three forbids the collection of illegal funds through monasteries and clans.

The tenth point highlights the illegal crossing of the state border, which often leads to engagement in criminal activities such as organising people to participate in religious teachings.

Rewards and recognition

Anyone who informs on any activities listed in this notification will be rewarded after the authorities have investigated and verified the claims. Informants could receive up to 100,000 Yuan (around £11,000).

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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