Remembering Riki Hyde-Chambers

Fredrick “Riki” Hyde-Chambers OBE
Fredrick “Riki” Hyde-Chambers OBE
1st November 2021

Lifelong Tibet ally and Free Tibet board member Riki Hyde-Chambers has passed away at the age of 77

Free Tibet and Tibet Society are deeply saddened by the news of the death of Fredrick “Riki” Hyde-Chambers OBE at the age of 77. Riki was a friend to the Tibetan movement for many years and was a Tibet Society board member from 2011 until its merger with Free Tibet in 2020 when he joined our board. Riki was known throughout the Tibetan community in the UK as a fervent supporter and as responsible for getting the Tibetan message to policymakers in the UK parliament for many years.

Remembering Riki, Daniel Russell, chair of Free Tibet and a trustee of Tibet Watch, said, “It would be hard to overestimate Riki’s impact on the Tibet movement. From the 1960s onwards he was a passionate and tireless advocate for Tibet through his role at Tibet Society. He brought the occupation of Tibet to the attention of countless MPs through his parliamentary work, and was a figure of great respect and fondness among the Tibetan community and the Tibet movement. Only last year, he played an integral role in the merger between Tibet Society and Free Tibet, joining our Board and bringing his trademark passion and energy with him. He leaves a hole in the movement that cannot be filled, but also a legacy of great deeds and memories that will never be forgotten.”

A full obituary and tribute to Riki will be published soon.