Racist hotel policy targets Tibetans

11th February 2014

Lhasa Intercontinental hotel to become an arm of China's police state?

According to a leaked document, the police have instructed hotels in Lhasa to report all Tibetan guests from certain politically-sensitive areas to the security forces. The hotels will then have to await permission from the police before the guests can be registered. This policy is explicitly racist, stating that there is no need to notify the police of Han Chinese guests from the same areas.

Intercontinental questioned about racist policy

Free Tibet has repeatedly asked Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) how it will ensure its planned hotel in the city will not be used to help China's oppression of Tibetans: the company has not replied. We contacted the company about this racial profiling policy last month but it has not yet responded. Other multinational companies operating in the city have also been contacted by Free Tibet and the International Tibet Network.

China's police state in Tibet

Intercontinental plans to call its hotel the "Lhasa Paradise", despite Lhasa's status as one of the most repressed cities on earth, and capital of one of the most repressed countries in the world. Late last year, the company advertised for a security director, whose responsibilities include "liaison" with the police.

Take Action

Join us by signing the boycott pledge below. Tell Intercontinental that a responsible company does not belong in a city where the police expect it to support their racist policies.