The questions that IHG is scared to answer

19th December 2013

Multi-million dollar global company remains dumb to questions raised by elected politicians and campaigners

Since the launch of the Boycott Intercontinental campaign in May, we've been asking Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) how it can justify opening a luxury hotel in the heart of occupied Tibet.

'Paradise Resort'

IHG is very busy making vast amounts of money so we have simplified our queries into seven questions:

  1. How do you justify the name ‘Lhasa Paradise’ in one of the most repressed cities in the world?
  2. Have you conducted assessments of the human right situation in Tibet and the impact of this hotel?
  3. Who have you consulted in Lhasa about this project?
  4. How will you assess the effect of your hotel on your employees and the community when neither is free to speak?
  5. How will you stop Chinese officials using hotel facilities to plan further repression in Tibet?
  6. How will you protect your Tibetan employees from being arrested if guests raise prohibited subjects with them (politics/Dalai Lama)?
  7. How will you implement your own policy of ‘respecting the human rights of employees and the community’ when human rights are already routinely denied to Tibetans in Lhasa?

And their response? Silence.

British MPs support

It's not just us asking questions either. British Member of Parliament Fabian Hamilton, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Tibet, has also written to them asking several questions about the hotel. Another elected politician Kate Hoey handed in a letter at the Intercontinental Hotel London Westminster last month, calling on IHG to withdraw from the deal to run the hotel. Despite all of this, IHG refuses to answer any questions. The company continues to hide behind legal jargon and business-speak to protect its profiteering in Tibet.

Get out of Tibet

Intercontinental Hotels Group boasts of its charity work in various countries yet remains wilfully blind to the horrific situation in Tibet. By opening a luxury 'Paradise Resort' in Lhasa, the company is offering a PR gift to the Chinese regime which is responsible for gross human rights abuses there. Help us keep the pressure on. Join the boycott.