Projection video calls upon the UK Government to hold China accountable

UK Parliament
UK Parliament
UK Parliament
8th October 2020

The video was projected onto the UK Parliament building and the Tower of London.

On 30 September at 10pm, on the eve of the 71st Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China , Free Tibet and its allies ran a collaborative projection video on the UK Parliament building and the Tower of London.

This was undertaken to precede both our physical and online actions for the Global Day of Action, which took place on 1 October. The Global Day of Action was run by a coalition of groups in nearly 100  cities around the world, with groups calling on their governments to resist China. 

The projection video called for more action from the UK government in holding the Chinese government accountable for their human rights record. Some of the text featured on the video included the words: 

“The Chinese Government’s attack on international human rights must be resisted. Now is the time to take a stand.”

The projection video also featured accounts from prominent activists within the wider Resist China movement, including Pema Yoko, Chairwoman of the Tibetan Community in Britain

Free Tibet supporters were able to gain live footage of the projection as it was being run through live streaming on Free Tibet’s Instagram and Facebook pages.



In Tibet the Chinese Communist Party oversees what some have called the world's largest open air prison. The authorities have the power to switch the light on and off, peering into Tibetans' emails one moment and making political prisoners vanish from their families and friends, apparently into darkness, the next. Help us push for Tibet's hidden political prisoners to be found and released.