Lhasa officials plan security for Saga Dawa Festival

28th May 2018

Chinese authorities have set out a further series of measures to control Tibetan religious celebrations

Last month a meeting headed by Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) Party Committee member Wei Jianhua, who is also deputy director of security maintenance, laid out measures to ensure stability in Lhasa during the Saga Dawa festival.

This annual festival runs for a month and this year falls in-between 16 May and 13 June. The 15th day, this year 29 May, is considered to be the most important as it marks the birth of the Buddha.  

The organising meeting was attended by all workers and cadres of the Lhasa's Audit Bureau. It concluded with a three-point notification which introduced measures to control religious activities, forbid party members from participating in the celebrations and encouraged management of work shifts during the festival.

The measures follow a series of regulations issued in May to restrict Tibetan children and their parents from participating in Saga Dawa activities.

The notification lists three priorities:

[1] To step up political stances and maintain strict discipline. All workers must clearly know the long-term nature, complexity and importance of the struggle against the adversary. Furthermore, they should improve the unifying ideas, raise awareness of, and conscientiously deploy these important decisions made by the municipal party committee and the municipal government for the religious activities during the Saga Dawa. Maintaining stability should be the overriding task, while constantly improving the sense of political responsibility and social stability.

[2] To maintain strict discipline within the party. The first priority is that all Party officials and workers are forbidden from taking part in the religious activities of Saga Dawa. The second is to improve the publicity and education of ideals and beliefs to retired cadres through political education, and establish belief in the “four self-confidence” (Chinese Communist Party doctrine). The third is to strengthen the education of their relatives and their children by banning relatives from participating in the religious activities of Saga Dawa. The fourth is to improve 24-hour work shifts, including by strengthening the inspection on cars and vehicles which should be registered; Fifth, no official buses will be allowed to go out on holidays and sensitive events.

[3] To improve workers' stability during the Saga Dawa events. Firmly end the problem of vacant work posts and post replacements. Ensure workers adhere to regulations in case problems arise during their shift.


Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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