Landslide hits Tibetan village leaving seven dead

1st September 2017

Two more Tibetans are in hospital after being buried under the landslide

Earlier this week a Tibetan village was struck by a landslide resulting in a number of fatalities.

On the morning of 30 August at around 4:30am (local time) a landslide occurred in Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. The disaster hit Ragya in the valley of Serchen which is located in Machen County.

Nine people and a hundred livestock were buried under the mud of the landslide. Tibetans from a nearby village and rescue teams flocked to the area and proceeded to help with the relief work. After several hours two people were rescued and transferred to hospital.

The seven remaining people are confirmed dead and are as named: Dollo, Tsundue, Jigme Dolma, Tsamkyi, Niten, Sangye Dolma and Duklha Dorjee.

The survivors are being assisted with aid and finances by Tibetan volunteer groups according to Tibet Watch. A few volunteer groups are also attempting to reach outside their community for help by using online crowdfunding.

The Tibetan who shot the video above says: “Look! I am here at the site. Its horrible. Your help will be appreciated”

According to a Xinhua news report around 90 people and 1200 cattle were evacuated. Additionally, the state-run Chinese media agency said that the landslide had blocked a national highway as well as the river which flowed through the valley.

This follows June’s landslide in Maowun County, Ngaba, which resulted in 46 homes being flooded.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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