Free Tibet poll finds three-quarters of Brits want Chen Quanguo banned

Chen Quanguo
Chen Quanguo
21st April 2021

A new poll commissioned by Free Tibet and conducted by polling company Survation has found that 75% of the UK population support our campaign to ban Chen Quanguo from the UK.


Free Tibet has been campaigning since November for Chen to be sanctioned by the UK government for his role in human rights abuses in Tibet and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (known to the Uyghur people as East Turkestan), Chen is ultimately the architect of the abusive actions there. 

As Party Secretary of the area governed as the Tibetan Autonomous Region, Chen oversaw the introduction of a surveillance state and a crackdown on refugees escaping to India, as well as torture. His actions there were rewarded by promotion to his current role, where he has perfected the oppression, making it into what many governments are now calling a genocide of the Uyghur people.

In March, the UK government, along with the EU and USA, imposed sanctions on four Chinese officials involved in human rights abuses against Uyghur people, Chen was not on this list, something Tim Loughton MP called a “glaring omission.” 

The Chinese responded to the sanctions by sanctioning nine UK-nationals, including the MPs Iain Duncan Smith, Nusrat Ghani, Tim Loughton, Tom Tugendhat and Neil O'Brien, and peers Baroness Kennedy and Lord Alton. The Inter-Parliament Alliance on China, a cross-party group of lawmakers from across the world, has called for UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, to add Chen Quanguo to the list of those sanctioned as the USA did in 2020.

In the poll, the overwhelming majority of respondents, across all political leanings, support the British government taking action to ban Chen from entering the UK and freezing any UK-based assets. Only 4% of respondents opposed sanctions.

Free Tibet is demanding that the UK government stand up to China and show that no trade deal or research partnership is worth appeasing genocide dictated by one of the most evil men alive.


You can support our campaign by joining over 10,000 people in signing our petition calling for Chen Quanguo to be banned from the UK.