Free Tibet activists challenge China with projection on Chinese Embassy in London

Projection on the Chinese embassy. London. 10 July 2020.
10th July 2020

Groups including Free Tibet, Tibet Network and Students for a Free Tibet projected messages onto the Chinese embassy and other sites across London.

Free Tibet activists carried out a series of projections across London on Friday spotlighting China’s brutal treatment of Tibetans, Uyghurs, Chinese and now Hongkongers.

The activists projected the message, ‘China fails freedom: Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong, Free Uyghurs’ onto the Chinese Embassy in London at around midnight BST.

The message was intended to highlight parallels between China’s long standing abuses in Tibet and East Turkestan, and the unfolding crackdown in Hong Kong.

Messages on the Chinese embassy. London. 10 July 2020.

Activists also carried out projection protests at the Apple Store in Covent Garden and the headquarters of The Economist, highlighting how both companies have facilitated the Chinese Communist Party’s repression and its intensive international propaganda efforts. 

A video projected onto the Apple Store challenged the company to reverse its decision to ban a range of apps from its App Store in China, including VPNs that Tibetans in occupied Tibet rely on to communicate safely with the wider world. 

An image projected onto the headquarters of the Economist asked the newspaper’s editors whether they had dropped their collaboration with Beijing Review, a Chinese state media company under Chinese Communist Party (CCP) control.

In early 2020, paid ‘advertorials’ branded ‘China Focus’, appeared in the Economist, lauding the CCP’s response to the COVID 19 outbreak. Beijing Review has run a number of controversial articles on its own website, claiming the mass re-education camps in East Turkestan are simply training centres that “bring hope” to Uyghurs, and hailing “60 years of democratic reform in Tibet.” 

The protest actions across London  are  a result of close collaboration between Tibet activist groups Free Tibet, Students for a Free Tibet and the global ethical consumer group SumOfUs. 

John Jones, Campaigns and Advocacy Manager at Free Tibet, said, “The CCP won’t have enjoyed the events at the Chinese Embassy last night. The Party interprets freedom of speech as a challenge and a threat, hence its repressive rule in Tibet, its persecution of Uyghurs and its brutal crackdown in Hong Kong.”

“For a brief moment, the  Chinese Embassy was turned into a monument of resistance, a symbol of all those who resist CCP rule in the name of human rights, self-determination and freedom.”


Free Tibet is calling for the media to stop spreading CCP propaganda. Some media publications have recently dropped China Watch from their print and online editions. We are urging The Economist and The Wall Street Journal to follow them and do the same. Help us urge them to drop CCP propaganda.