Free Tibet’s ‘The Crossing’ selected for the Lift-off Sessions film festival

The Crossing. Free Tibet.
The Crossing. Free Tibet.
The Crossing. Free Tibet.
15th July 2019

A film created by Free Tibet has a chance to become a finalist in the Lift-Off sessions film festival. If it does then it will be screened at the renowned Pinewood Studios in London and in LA, Hollywood.

A film created by Free Tibet about a Tibetan leaving her home and escaping across the Himalayas has been accepted as a candidate for the Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival at Pinewood Studios near London.

The short animation, called ‘The Crossing’, will compete for popularity against other indie films on Vimeo’s online streaming service, Vimeo On-Demand. 

The film goes live via Vimeo on Sunday 14 July alongside other independent movie competitors. They’ll be online for one week to allow the public to vote for their favourite, while the top five in each category will move forward to a final round decided by judges.

The Crossing could also be screened at the renowned Pinewood Studios next year and at the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival in Hollywood if it becomes a finalist. 

You can vote for the film when the festival opens on 14 July, here and watch it on Youtube here. It costs £12 to access the festival selection and be eligible to vote.

The short animation which Free Tibet created in 2018 shows the lengths Tibetans can go to escape their home country and the human rights abuses many have suffered there under Chinese rule.

It follows a Tibetan woman who must leave her family and make an arduous journey across the Himalayas out of Tibet. It is a path that tens of thousands of Tibetans before her have been forced to take. 

The story has become increasingly relevant as China has tightened its grip on Tibet and boosted security, which has made crossing the Himalayas harder and stemmed the flow of people who are able to escape across the border.

Learn more about the reduced flow of Tibetans escaping the country here.


In late April, Wangchen, a 20 year old from eastern Tibet, gathered with friends to commemorate the Panchen Lama’s 30th birthday. The group called for the release of the Panchen Lama, who was detained as a boy in 1995 and has been missing ever since. They also called for the Panchen Lama and the exiled Dalai Lama to one day be reunited in Tibet. For this peaceful act, Wangchen was arrested. When his aunt, Dolkar, shared the news of Wangchen’s arrest, she too was charged.