Forced relocations and militarisation of border regions continue in Central Tibet

Location of Dingri (Ch: Tingri) and Nyalam County in relation Nepal, Source:
Location of Dingri (Ch: Tingri) and Nyalam County in relation Nepal, Source:
30th April 2021

Tibetans in Dingri investigated and coerced into calling for their exiled relatives to return

In the latest development of military preparation at the border region in Tibet, Chinese authorities are turning huge territories of nomadic grasslands into military basecamps. Tibetan nomads in Shigatse (གཞིས་ཀ་རྩེ་དང་།), Gampa County (གམ་པ་རྫོང་།), Dingri County (དིང་རི་རྫོང་། ), Ngamring County (ངམ་རིང་རྫོང་།), Ruthok County  (རུ་ཐོག་རྫོང་། ) and Nyalam County (གཉའ་ལམ་རྫོང་) have been asked to relocate and their territories have been used to build military base camps according to an anonymous local source in Tibet. 

Following the forced relocations of hundreds of thousands of Tibetan nomads in eastern Tibet from 2006 onwards, China has instructed other provincial governments to pursue the resettlement policies. Since 2011, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) administration under the instruction from the central authority plan to carry out the relocation of the nomad in the next ten years and urged the nomads to return their land to the Chinese authorities. They have been promised ten years of compensation. 

In February 2021, authorities in Dingri reportedly organised meetings and warned the Tibetan nomads against sharing the news of the relocation, considered by the CCP as ‘spreading rumours’, threatening those who do so with punishment according to the law and all their assistance, compensation of water and grass being terminated. 

In another case, according to the same source, Chinese authorities in the region held numerous public meetings and told them to invite their relatives residing in exile or else they warned that their name will be removed from the family register and their quotas of family land possession will be used by the government for farming. Since February this year, police have been conducting investigations on family member absentees, accompanied by senior villagers.


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