A father of three dies at the scene of his protest

20th November 2012

A 34-year old man, Tsering Dhondup, set fire to himself in protest in Achok Township, Sangchu County, Eastern Tibet at 9am local time today. He was married, and has left behind three children.

It is the fourteenth confirmed fatal protest to have taken place in Tibet in the month of November. It is an unprecedented number of people, which demonstrates the increasing oppression of Tibetans underneath the suppressive Chinese regime.

A bribe to split the community

The Chinese administrative in the province has offered huge sums of money as rewards for information about anyone linked to the protests for freedom.

In exchange for information on any persons linked and involved with any form of protest against the militant regime, the informant could be receiving more than a Chinese government official makes in an entire year.

The web the authorities spin

An information blackout imposed by China on Tibet continues to prevent any information about treatment of Tibetans from leaving Tibet. Media and foreigners have been banned from Tibet, internet connections have been blocked and people who speak out about the protests are threatened with "life imprisonment." It seems to be that the restrictions are becoming ever-more bulldozing in nature.

More than 70 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since March 2011. Read the full list

Take action for Tibet

Intercontinental Hotels wants to build and operate a huge new resort in Lhasa. This tells the world that the situation is normal in Tibet – it isn’t. Email Intercontinental and ask them to leave Tibet: