"Does this country have laws?"

Tibetans from Makor Village in Ngaba protesting a land grab in 2015
Tibetans from Makor Village in Ngaba protesting a land grab in 2015
8th April 2016

Video acquired by Free Tibet shows Tibetan's land being seized by authorities

Free Tibet has seen a video of land being seized in eastern Tibet against the wishes of the landowner. The incident occurred in Amo Township, which is located in Kakhok County in Ngaba.

In the video the landowner can be seen pleading with members of the police. He complains that the county authorities had come to Amo Township accompanied by police and were trying to take away his land.

The man says that authorities had been taking advantage of his land for the past twenty years and that they were now attempting to seize and dig up his land, despite possessing no authorisation from the county authorities to carry this out. It prompts him to ask whether there is any law in Chinese'occupied Tibet before the video ends.

Free Tibet has recorded other land grabs taking place in Ngaba in recent years. In 2015 officials left twenty families in the village of Makor without winter grazing land after seizing and selling it without notice. The land was used to build a government-sponsored power plant.


Video transcript

[The landowner begins to speak from around 00:30]


Chinese authorities in the County came to grab our land, grab our land, the County government sent police to grab our land... Does this country have discipline and law? Please.. please....

Does this country have laws? Do they have laws? No, they don't have laws.

They occupied our land and have feeding themselves off our grassland for twenty years, and they came here to grab our land lawlessly by saying they still need to eat off of our land.

The Chairman of the Khyungchu Township, who was involved in this, he came here with those police to grab our land, he said it was decided by Kakhok County, but they don't have evidence or documents to show us, the police have dug up our grassland as you see here, they have dug it up and they said they will dig it up again.

They sent police to us as you see here.....Do they have law?

Do they have law?