Crackdown continues in Driru

2nd January 2014

Tibetans arrested and beaten by authorities

Reports continue to filter out of Tibet which describe a brutal crackdown on the people of Driru County. There has been unrest in the area since September, when Tibetans refused to fly Chinese flags from their homes. The authorities responded harshly, sparking a wave of protests and detentions.

Shooting Tibetan protesters

In one incident, security forces opened fire on a group of demonstrators, injuring up to 60 people. Many Tibetans have been arrested including Kalsang (pictured), a single mother of three daughters, who was detained for activities on social media and possessing photos of the Dalai Lama. Kalsang is divorced and was caring for her elderly parents in addition to her daughters - aged 11, 9 and 4 - at the time of her arrest. Her mother became ill and is reported to have fainted from shock after her daughter's arrest.

Torture in Tibet

Many of those who have been arrested and released report of being tortured in prison. The use of torture in Tibet is common.

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