CPPCC leader Wang Yang called on Tibetans to prioritise the Chinese state over religion

Wang Yang.
16th July 2020

Senior CCP official urges Tibetans to fight against separatism.

A senior Chinese Communist Party official has urged Tibetans to fight against separatism during a visit to the Tibetan regions of Lhasa and Shigaste from 6 to 8 July, Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch has said. 

Wang Yang, who is Chairman of  the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), toured monasteries, nomadic areas, and sites of relocated settlements during his inspection of the Tibetan regions.

While on the tour he called for Tibetans to be vigilant and prioritise the laws of the state above religion while ensuring the training of “model individuals and monks,” Tibet Watch said.

"Tibetan religion is tied to the long term stability of Tibet, primary effort should be made on integrating Buddhism into China’s socialist society, and religious activities and monasteries should be strictly managed according to the law,” Wang said. 

“Laws of the state are above religion,” he added. “Tibetans should resolutely fight against the force of separatism… Training of model individuals and monks and promotion of patriotism should continue."

Wang is the Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, which is at the highest level of the CCP’s United Front organization, Tibet Watch said, adding he is also the most senior official to regularly inspect work related to the propaganda campaign in Tibet during visits. 

Free Tibet’s research partner said Wang’s mention of the fight against separatism is a reference to China’s fight against Tibetan loyalty to the Dalai Lama.

Wang visited the Tibetan Buddhist community of Larung Gar in eastern Tibet last year, where he spoke about Sinicisation of religion in China and asked for more efforts to be made to integrate Tibetan Buddhism into Chinese society.

He asked monks during the visit to “firmly uphold the leadership” of the CCP and “be courageous to battle all separatist elements, in order to further protect national reunification, ethnic unity and social stability.”

Larung Gar has been the site of widespread demolitions and forced evictions in recent years, with thousands of monks and nuns being removed from their homes. The management of Larung Gar has largely been put under CCP control, and restrictions placed on religious gatherings.


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