Constitutional examinations across the Tibet Autonomous Region

23rd November 2018

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities launched a patriotic online legal test for Tibetans

According to the official Chinese site Legal Daily, provincial judicial and law offices conducted the first ever provincial-level mobile internet-based constitutional knowledge test in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The news report claims that more than 2.6 million people participated in the event, which took place between 12 and 13 November. Staff from local government authorities, enterprises and institutions, as well as cadres posted in villages and monasteries, also participated.

There was a 95.4% pass rate amongst participants according to the law and judiciary offices.

These exams are part of a wider effort by Chinese authorities to promote legal indoctrination and loyalty to China among Tibetans. Last October, Chinese authorities sent teams to monasteries across Tibet to promote similar legal education in an effort to maintain stability. This scheme also involves the creation of a WeChat game which can be played by Tibetans on their mobiles to enhance their knowledge of the law.

All of these efforts to increase legal education place particular importance on patriotism and political stability. Beijing has identified lack of legal knowledge as a source of their problems in Tibet, and in particular monastic education as a source of nationalism. Hence, Chinese authorities have increased efforts to spread these training programs, with this latest online test seen as offering a much quicker way of doing this compared with traditional methods.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.


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