Chinese military gatecrash religious festivals

1st March 2013

Incredible images from inside Tibet

Tibetans gathering to mark Losar (New Year) with religious ceremonies had some uninvited guests as Chinese military kept a close eye.

We have received a series of photos from Lhasa and Rebkong which detail the intimidating nature of Chinese security in Tibet.

Lhasa military

Armed troops were deployed to Nyachong monastery in Lhasa. Then can clearly been seen atop the walls and within the monastery watched as monks solemnly proceed with ceremonies.

So many monks have been expelled from this monastery since the 2008 Tibetan uprising that the Monastery Democratic Working Group had to join in the ceremonies so that the rituals could proceed.

Chinese trucks and troops

The overwhelming Chinese presence in Rebkong is stunningly captured in a series of photos below.

Some of these pictures were taken in early February while many were taken between 22-25 February, during the New Year Praying Festival.

On 5 February many Paramilitary Armed Police trucks arrived in the streets of Rongwo Town, capital of Rebkong County.

Loudspeakers announced the penalties for self-immolation.

Signs of Tibetan protest

Local Rebkong County Authority ordered the families of retired officials, shop and restaurant owners and anyone in receipt of government subsidy to send a representative to monitor the public on the streets of Rongwo.

Local authorities claimed they were there to look out for thieves but they were actually ordered to report any suspicious activity related to self-immolation protests.

These people can be seen wearing red arm bands in the photos below.